CBP special issue: see instructions and link to submit your paper


A selection of research and review papers presented at the 30th ESCPB Congress 'Unraveling complexity: from molecules to ecosystems’ will be published in a special issue of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology. To submit your papers, press the link below:


Invited talks, oral and poster communications covering the different Congress sessions, including comparative and environmental aspects of the physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology and endocrinology of organisms, as well as new -omic approaches, are welcome to participate.


All manuscripts will go through the normal CBP process/review. Manuscripts must be submitted online by 30 November 2016. The special issue will be published by May 2017 but its articles will be available online with citation information as soon as they are accepted.


Important Deadlines:

First submission date: 1st September 2016

Final submission deadline: 30th November 2016